Tuesday, May 15, 2012

May 10, 2012. Lunch In Point Arena, California.

The Hawthornes arrived in Point Arena around lunchtime
and after consulting the Garmin for restaurant choices,
with no luck,
I found a cop on the main drag.

Here's some good advice:
When in doubt,
ask a cop for a place to eat.
Unless, of course, you've been drinking
or have illegal drugs on your person.
However, the Hawthornes were good to go ask,
since we were both sober and drugless.

The kind occifer directed us to the
 Pier Chowder House and Tap Room.
Good choice.

Their chowder was quite good.
Smooth and clammy, with bacon, celery, carrots, potatoes,
 and a hint of thyme.

Mr. Hawthorne had a perfunctory Caesar salad.
Really not much to say about that.
I got his croutons.

And he had grilled cod,
which was probably as tasteless as it looks.
As I've said before,
cod is not a fish one wants to eat on its own.
Put it in a chowder and it's fine
since it takes on the flavor of whatever it's cooked with.
If you want a plain white fish,
try the snapper,
but that wasn't on the menu.
If I were back on the East Coast,
I'd order grouper or mahi mahi.
Now that's some good eats.
Cod  ...  meh.

I ordered the shrimp taco
with cabbage and not enough lemon aioli
and a pico de gallo.

This was not something one could pick up in a taco
and eat without it spilling everywhere,
so I took fork and knife to it.
My salad wasn't bad at all.
At least it had mixed greens in it.
Bleu cheese dressing was good.

Now, if you're going to offer shrimp,
at least de-vein it.
Couldn't have been that much of an effort
since there were only four shrimp served here.

This was not bad.
But I miss my East Coast shrimp.
They have so much more flavor and they're sweeter.

I used to bitch about beach prices.
California prices are outrageous.
My taco was around $15.

I have to say,
the views were lovely.

Surfers were out in the water
so it was fun to watch them,
although not one caught a wave.

I had to go back to the truck 
and get my camera.
As I walked through the parking lot,
the cannabial aroma was overpowering.
Gotta love California, dude.


Anonymous said...

You are so right about motel rooms, but I have to say I prefer the sink outside of the bathroom--even at home. I must hasten to add, we don't have the sink outside of our bathroom, but still...
I wish you had time to drive over to Monterey and Pacific Grove (especially Pacific Grove). Lots of wonderful places to eat in P.G. and if you ever go there, let me know and I'll tell you about a few locally owned eateries that are fabulous and not over the top expensive.
Enjoy the rest of your trip. BTW, going on a trip with a dieter has to be a total PIA.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Hey NMOAC, we're saving southern California for another trip. Can't hit everywhere, you know. Else we'd never get home.