Thursday, May 24, 2012

May 16, 2012. Vegas. Lunch At Mesa Grill.

We're at Mesa Grill in Caesar's Palace.
Last time we were in Vegas,
we went to Mesa Grill
and had a wonderful lunch.
I'm looking forward to going back.
It's been a while since I've had a decent meal.

Entrance to Mesa Grill.

Views inside the restaurant.

Open kitchen.

We didn't bother with reservations.
We walked in and were seated immediately.
My only complaint here:
 the tables are uncomfortably close,
and you can hear everything being said
next to you.
So the Hawthornes remained speechless 
throughout the meal.

Which was fine,
since the meal was exceptional.

We were brought
a basket of freshly baked breads -
a walnut raisin bread, 
jalapeno corn muffins,
and a quite good white bread.

My favorite was the corn muffin.

Close second was the walnut raisin.

Mr. Hawthorne ordered the Yucatan Style Grouper
with Succatash.
It was perfectly grilled -
sweet and moist inside with nice grill marks outside.
The succotash had sliced cherry tomatoes, 
corn, and the " best butter beans" he's had.
The buttery sauce had swirls
of  roasted red sweet bell pepper puree
and cilantro oil,
with a hint of heat.

I had something that was almost too pretty to eat -
a cornmeal crusted chili relleno,
sitting in a pool of roasted red bell pepper puree
with rays of a balsamic reduction
and  squiggles of cilantro oil.
Microgreens topped the chile relleno,
which was stuffed with manchego and Monterey Jack cheeses.

I'll be recreating both of these when I get home,
but I think I'll add some black beans
and roasted corn to the stuffing.

I used the white bread to sop up 
every last bit of sauce left on Mr. Hawthorne's plate
and the red pepper puree and cilantro oil on mine.

What a nice bathroom.
I pocketed some Mesa Grill napkins.
As did Mr. Hawthorne.

Gotta love Caesar's Palace.

Next up:
Another good lunch in Vegas!


Marilyn said...

Yay! Rosie had a good meal!

Lea said...

Mmm, that all looks fantastic! YAY!