Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Anniversary And Happy Mother's Day To Rosie.

 When the Hawthornes were in Sunnyvale, California,
we stopped at a Korean market.

Is there any other kind of market in Sunnyvale?

We bought half a duck.

Sunnyvale is in the heart of Silicon Valley.
So why does my phone either have no service or merely one bar?
What is wrong with this picture?

 Saturday was the Hawthornes' 30th anniversary.

If I'd killed him when I met him,
I'd be out of jail by now.
Just sayin'.

I'm celebrating with a bit of the bubbly.
In a plastic cup.
Doesn't get much better than this.

 Sunday morning is Mother's Day.
Mr. Hawthorne sliced fresh strawberries for me.

And here's the KICKER:
sprinkle a little sugar or Equal or Splenda
and drizzle some Balsamic vinegar over top of the strawberries.
We shared.

 Trust Rosie on this combination.
Strawberries, sweetener, and Balsamic vinegar.
And if you ever have under-ripe strawberries,
this is the method to make them palatable.

 For dinner tonight,
I have some duck from the Asian market,
an artisan bread morsel from a pretentious Sausalito restaurant,
and three salads from a Safeway supermarket -
a Greek salad with cucumbers, green peppers,
red onions, black olives, and feta cheese
with an oil and vinegar dressing;
a bean salad with blackened corn kernels,
garbanzo beans, kidney beans, black beans,
and onions in a vinaigrette;
and a broccoli salad with bacon and onions
with vinegar, sugar, and mayo.

Life is good.

Just don't ask me about lunch today.


dh said...

all that mother's day food looks soooo good. I love those beany/vinegary salads. I'll ask daddy what he did wrong for lunch.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

I'll tell you what he did wrong for lunch. Two words - Hawaiian BBQ.

Marilyn said...

Happy belated anniversary.

And you really must post about the Hawaiian BBQ. I for one am curious as to just why it earned such disdain from you. Was it that it was Hawaiian BBQ or was it that particular Hawaiian BBQ?

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Mar, the name of the restaurant was Hawaiian BBQ. Mr. H had the BBQ chicken which was mostly fat. I ordered the "light" special of mahi mahi and a salad. Italian dressing was too salty, heavily congealed, and inedible. My "light" special was heavily battered and fried fish. And not just fish but the freaking blood line. Service was piss poor too. I returned the plate to the counter, telling the girl that fried does not equal light and the fish tasted like crap since it was the blood line and walked out. Mr H did not get a refund.