Friday, September 4, 2009

Mr. Hawthorne's Birthday Party.

Enjoy the videos from Mr. Hawthorne's birthday party. A fun time was had by all. And thank you all for coming! It's very nice to have a spur of the moment get-together like this. Gives me a nice, warm, cozy feeling being around old friends and new friends. And seeing little girls I've known since forever grow up and become beautiful young women is a privilege to me. As Mr. Hawthorne says, "Every meal is a celebration. Of life." I say now, every celebration is a feast that sates our spirits. What could be even better than our little fete going on? We have the comaraderie. We have the food. We have the ambience. What could be better? Mix in a good rain. Especially since this is on Sunday and I just cut the grass on Saturday. Whoot! The following 2 videos came from one very long video - 100MB and it went uploading onwards of 4 hours. Stop the insanity. It ain't gonna work. Figure out something else. I finally figured out I had Windows Movie Maker on my computer and even though I couldn't figure out how to compress the files, I did figure out how to cut them in half so I could upload them to my blog and post. And I'm feeling pretty proud of myself even though I'm stupid and should know how to do this. I mean, if I only knew how to use the Windows Movie Maker I could be the next Spielberg. Arrrrgh. Computers. Here's part 1: And here's part 2: Giada was being quite a cutie singing along. She and Jeanette seemed to have forged a bond. Old bonds were reaffirmed. New bonds were confirmed. Convivial, ebullient, joyously unrestrained, merry festivities are my forte. Have fun watching. Don't you wish you were here? I love a good partay. You can't say we don't have fun.


Kathy said...

Jeff the Muffdiver?

I wish I could have been there.

Hairball T. Hairball said...

Looks like Kathy and I missed out on a good time!

Marilyn said...

Whoot! Looks like loads of fun! Happy belated birthday to Mr H!