Sunday, September 20, 2009

Play Date With Brother Hawthorne.

This post is for Brother Hawthorne who's been anxiously waiting to see the pictures I took on the farm the other day. He loves pictures of himself so I'm sure he'll be happy to be the subject of this post. Poor Brother Hawthorne. The man has to be doing something all the time. And he has too much time on his hands. So he's got a lot of toys.
Here's his new little horse, Gypsy. Edited to add: Brother Hawthorne has corrected me. Gypsy belongs to one of his granddaughters.
She's quite a pretty little thing and very sweet.
Brother Hawthorne couldn't find anybody else to play with the other day, so Sister Hawthorne and I were enlisted to go on a buggy ride on the farm with him. I imagined Sister-In-Law Hawthorne staying at home by herself, doing her happy dance.
Here are some of Brother Hawthorne's toys. Yeah, Brother Hawthorne. We know it's all about your grand chillun.
Thirty minutes to hitch up for a twenty minute ride. Not bad.
And he's off.
Enjoy the rear of Gypsy.
I can't imagine the early settlers going across the country in one of these.
Enjoy the views.
Sister Hawthorne got to open the gates.
One of the barn doors. My Daddy built this barn for me back in the 70's.
Thank you, Brother Hawthorne, for our little excursion. You really have learned to play well with others.


Kathy said...

Good grief. How much land does he have out there? 'Tis indeed beautiful out there.

Marilyn said...

Hee, the first pic of the horse looked like the horse was wearing a hat. Then I realized that it was your brother behind the horse.