Sunday, January 30, 2011

Junior And Dixie.

Since Rosie isn't up and running yet, she's going back into her drafts to find something to post about. Here's one from August 25, 2010.
Junior loves this pink thing.
I forget what it used to be ...
... but its tail is on the path behind the pool and the junipers.
Junior is such a sweet puppy. He has fun. All day long.
Dixie is enjoying her golden years. She looks forward each morning to our run/walks with Junior (and with Giada when she's home from school) and she spends every afternoon jumping and swimming in the pool. She has a very good life.


Marilyn said...

Lovely Dixie and cute Junior.

Here's hoping that you are back up and blogging soon.

Kathy said...

After the sentence "She has a very good life.", 4th picture down of Junior. THAT is a prize winner.

cursuri engleza said...

Your dogs are really cute. I’m sorry for that pink thing. I guess it looked great, once upon a time. Dixie is so beautiful. Junior is sweet, too. I love them.