Friday, January 28, 2011

Rosie Makes Shrimp, Corn, And Broccoli Quesdillas.

Rosie had surgery on her foot this past Tuesday and she's languishing on the couch, remote control in hand, recuperating. She did have the forethought to prepare a few meals ahead of time to blog about. I made this quesadilla for lunch last week. Please enjoy. It's 28 degrees. It's a dull gray outside. Mr. Hawthorne's at work. And Dixie has been going to the sliding glass door every 30 minutes for the past week to be let out. This is unusual behavior for her. I'm pretty sure she's looking for Junior. Poor baby. I knew she'd miss him.
Since it's just the "girls" home alone today, I decided to treat myself to lunch. After checking out my fridge and larder, I'm making a fresh salsa for a shrimp quesadilla with caramelized corn and broccoli and cheeses.
Oh my. This is quite palatable. Let's make a quick salsa first.
I had 2 Roma tomatoes, which I peeled and chopped. I chopped up a couple tablespoons of the red onion and I minced half of the jalapeno.
Mix together.
Add about a teaspoon or two of sugar and cider vinegar.
Add in some chopped cilantro, or chopped parsley if you're of the I-Hate-Cilantro Camp. Salt and pepper to taste. Cover and refrigerate.
Next, I melted butter in my skillet
then added some corn (which had been waiting in the fridge to be used). Add about 2 teaspoons of sugar and toss corn over medium high heat until caramelized.
Add in a few poufs of cumin. Set aside. On to broccoli prep:
I peeled and chopped my broccoli, then dropped it into boiling water for about 30 seconds just to blanch.

Refresh blanched broccoli with cold water to stop the cooking and set the lovely green color. Drain broccoli. Now I'm ready to assemble:
I put a little bed of shredded cheeses on the bottom and placed 4 large cooked shrimp on top (Yes, there are 4.), and stuffed some broccoli florets in there.
Corn with cumin went on top of that.
And I grated lime zest over the whole.
I topped it with shredded Mozzarella.
I heated a thin layer of oil in my skillet and placed the quesadilla in. Medium heat - about 2 minutes each side, or until nicely browned.
Be careful when turning the quesadilla over. That oil likes to pop and spit. Drain on paper towels.
Serve with salsa and crumbled Queso Fresco.
Oh yes. The shrimp were jumbo, so all that wonderful shrimp flavor was in the forefront, not masked by the other ingredients as so often happens when I get shrimp quesadillas in restaurants. The corn was sweet with a nice cuminey undertone. Broccoli was crisp and green. Minimal cheese held it all together. The salsa was a lovely fresh accompaniment.
Bon appetit!

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Marilyn said...

That looks very good, Rosie.