Saturday, January 1, 2011

Wednesday Night Dinner With Maxine.

Maxine and I headed to Harris Teeter Wednesday afternoon to get the fixin's for our dinner. Lobster tails at $5.99 a tail and mahi mahi for $7.99/pound. Thanks, Maxine.
The slaw is courtesy of Mr. Hawthorne.
Mr. Hawthorne shredded some green cabbage, some red cabbage, and some radicchio. Added some julienned carrot and lime juice. Tossed with a bit of mayo, some rice vinegar, and a dash of sugar.
Mr. Hawthorne always puts about a teaspoon or more of oil in his slaw. He insists the slaw will last longer.
Next, he sliced out the bloodline in the mahi mahi. This is rather oily and strong-tasting and I do not like it.
Fillets are ready for frying.
To prepare the lobster tails, Mr. Hawthorne snipped down the inside of the tail ...
... and spread it apart. This keeps the tail from curling way up when you cook it.
And the lobsters are ready for Rosie to start cooking.
I decided to poach my lobster tails in champagne. I love lobster and champagne together. It's decadent.
I poached the lobsters in the champagne for about 2-3 minutes each side.
Set lobsters aside and keep warm. Reduce champagne.
Add a little butter.
Some cream.
Then I threw caution to the wind and sprinkled in some tarragon.
Add the lobster tails back in and keep warm.
On to the mahi mahi.
I ground up some pistachios in my Magic Bullet ...
... and mixed it with some flour.
Dredge the fillets in the pistachio/flour mixture.
Heat up the skillet and add butter and some olive oil.
Place fillets in oil and cook about 1 - 2 minutes each side.
Two of the fillets were a bit thinner, so they got turned first.
Perfectly seared mahi mahi with the delicate, subtle nuttiness and saltiness of the pistachios.
The lobster in champagne sauce was delightful. Such buttery goodness!

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