Monday, June 4, 2012

May 22, 2012. Outskirts Of Taos.

About 20 or so miles outside of  Taos,
there were signs advertising,
"Lots For Sale."

 School buses abound
and every trailer had numerous
broken down vehicles scattered over the property.

 I do not think there's a Homeowners Association out here.

 Snow-capped mountains ahead of us.
I believe this is the Sangre de Cristo Range.

 Baby volcano?

Outside Taos,
we came across these partially underground homes.
I'm shooting across Mr. Hawthorne
and out his window as he drives by.


More about Earthship tomorrow.

 We're coming back tomorrow to investigate.
Right now, we just want to get to the hotel and crash.

Oh wait.
One more stop along the way -
the Rio Grande Gorge.
The Hawthornes took a little walk out on the bridge over the gorge.

 And looked down.
Waaaaay down.

 It's about 5:30 and the wrong time, light-wise, to shoot this gorge.
The Hawthornes will come back around noon tomorrow
so I can get proper pictures.

 Cross over to other side.

I came back the next day to shoot the bridge in a better light.
This is the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge,
10 miles northwest of Taos, New Mexico.
650 feet above the Rio Grande,
this is the fifth highest bridge in the United States.

  I found this little figure attached to the bridge rail.
It reminded me of a project one of the Little Hawthornes
had in kindergarten or first grade.
They had a little paper man which they colored.
His name was Stanley and Stanley went on great adventures.
Each child put Stanley in an envelope
and mailed him somewhere.
My Little Hawthorne mailed Stanley 
to GrannyPoo Hawthorne and she wrote a delightful story
of Stanley's great adventures with her in Danville, Virginia.
Stanley didn't want to leave.

Years ago, when I worked at a bank,
one of my customers would take vacations
several times a year.
He would bring back photographs to show me.
He traveled with a gnome.
And he'd have pictures of the gnome-
on a surfboard in Costa Rico;
 at an ocean side bar, sipping on a margarita,
with a lovely sunset in the background;
at Aspen schussing down a mountain side;
in a bicycle basket riding through Jamaica.
That little gnome went places!

Stay tuned for Earthship!

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