Saturday, June 16, 2012

Rosie Apologizes.

I humbly apologize to any readers,
Kansans or otherwise,
whom I may have unintentionally offended
by my Kansas post.

In that post,
I said, "I am HATING Kansas."

I received this comment today:
liddadog said...
Rosie, there are so many things I would like to say. As a Kansan, I am extremely offended by this post. You complain about the weather as if there was something that could be done about it. Let me just say I will no longer be reading your blog. And if you hate Kansas so much, don't eat anything made from wheat and lay off the beef.
June 16, 2012 9:55 AM
First of all,
I don't really HATE Kansas.
I don't even hate Kansas.
I like Kansas and Kansans
are some of the nicest people we've run into.
I certainly never meant any harm by my
thoughtless and careless statement
and I never meant to offend anyone.
 Please don't take it personally.
I have a penchant for hyperbole.

At times, I have been known to say,
"I hate the Outer Banks."
Usually, this would be during a hurricane,
a nor'easter, or when stuck in traffic on the bypass
on a Saturday afternoon.

I would say the same thing about any state or place I was
 that was experiencing
weather, atmospheric, or other conditions
which I found unpleasant -
to wit -
tornadoes, mudslides, volcanic eruptions,
 floods, wildfires, 
mosquito, locust, or shark infestations,
 or zombies
to name a few.

I shall continue to relish with zest my wheat and beef products
and I thank all of you in the
 Breadbasket and Bovine Heartland of America 
for making this possible for all of us.
I hate to lose anyone as a reader
and hope you will forgive me for my boorish insensitivity
and come back and visit at Kitchens Are Monkey Business.

And please, Liddadog,
don't forget my positive posts about Kansas:
our stay at the Rodeway Inn in Kansas; 
our trip to the Great Overland Station
my post about the State Capitol Building;
or my post about one of the best meals I've had on this trip -
 the Peking Garden in Larned, Kansas.

Ad astra per aspera!



Lori K said...

wow Rosie....I am not easily taken back by you!!! I will continue to read your blog and shout from the rooftops....I LOVE ROSIE and I dislike Kansas :)

Marilyn said...

Liddadog, I for one will support Kansas by continuing to eat products that use wheat and will eat all things beef.

zzzadig said...

Any state that you are trying to get across rather than to, is a pain.

Anonymous said...

I know you didn't mean any harm.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Rosie thanks you all.