Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rosie Cooks Not Yo' Mama's Pizza.

I'd like to thank Zzzadig for tonight's meal suggestion.
The Hawthornes are making pizza,
but not just any pizza.
We're making pizza that is acceptable on Mr. Hawthorne's diet.
No bread or basically anything white is allowed.

So, the role of the pizza crust will be played by pork.

We picked up a pork loin at Food Lion.

Cut out 7 loins and froze them.

And with the rest of the pork,
Mr. Hawthorne started slicing, rolling, and unfurling.

With a sharp knife, 
slice out a flat cut of meat.

Keep rolling and cutting
until you have a flat cut of meat.

Mr. Hawthorne cut off what little fat was on this.

Then Mr. Hawthorne started a-poundin'.
Cover with plastic wrap first
and start in the center working your way out.

Pound away.

Until the meat is about 1/4" thick.

Rosie's mise en place.
Clockwise from top:
pounded pork on greased pan
bowl of pesto
green peppers
bok choy

Rosie Tip #199
If you have wilted bok choy or celery,
cut the stems at a diagonal and put them in a cup of cool water.
They'll straighten up in short time.

First, I ground some black pepper and a smoked sea salt
that I found at a gas station outside of Vegas
onto my pork "crust."

For my "sauce,"
I'm using pesto.
This is the pesto I made and froze back last summer
the day before that Bitch Irene blew through here.
I pulled up all my basil plants that day
and made pesto.
The basil never would have made it through 
that storm and ensuing flood.

Spread out the pesto evenly.

I'm claiming this left-hand side
and marking it with cheese.
A no-no on Mr. Hawthorne's diet.

Let's build a pizza.
First some spinach leaves.

Some bok choy slices.

Rosie marks her territory again.

Tomato slices.

Green pepper slices.

Sliced mushrooms.
I put these higher in the stack
so their moisture will drain into the spinach and bok choy
and help cook them.

A layer of onions
and cheese on my half.

Drizzle with a little olive oil.

Ready for the oven.
350 degrees
until meat is cooked
and cheese is melted.
About 20 minutes.
Watch carefully.
If you brown the cheese,
your pork will be overcooked.

This is ooey gooey madness.
I love this.

Love all the flavors here.

And it's even better with cheese!

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zzzadig said...

Next time, grill on top rack, the added smoke flavor will make you swoon, I promise. Thx for the hat tip.