Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mr. Hawthorne Stir Fries. Baicai Chao Rousi Or Cabbage And Pork Shreds.

Mr. Hawthorne is cooking today.
and is making baicai chao rousi or cabbage and pork shreds.

Now, remember,
Mr. Hawthorne is cooking.
There's no mise en place.
I have to shoot when I can shoot
and the picture angles are gonna be tough.
Mr. Hawthorne hates it when I shoot pictures of every meal
and he really doesn't cooperate with the photography.
My instructions frustrate him
so I have to shut up and shoot.

Just follow along with the pics.

First, Mr. Hawthorne thinly sliced
a slightly frozen boneless pork loin.
If your meat is slightly frozen,
it's much easier to slice it.

The recipe called for scallions,
but it's raining outside and Mr. Hawthorne doesn't like to get wet.
He's subbing a leek which I happened to have in the fridge.

Add leeks to pork strips.
I happened to have some dried black fungus.

Pour boiling water over the dried fungi.

Make the marinade:
3 TB soy sauce
2 tsp sesame oil
1 1/2 tsp corn starch
Mix together.

Soy in.

Sesame in.

Mixie. Mixie.
Pour over pork and leeks.

Toss to coat.

Dried mushrooms soaking in front.
Cabbage and leeks marinating on right.
Mr. Hawthorne removed the outer leaves of the cabbage
and is shredding half the  head.

Slice the fresh shrooms.

I believe we're almost ready to stir fry.

Drain the dried mushrooms.

And slice.

Heat your wok over high heat,
add in about 3 tablespoons of peanut oil to heat up.
When the oil is just at the point of smoking,
 add in the cabbage.
Stir fry 45 seconds.
Add a 1/4 tsp salt and stir fry 1 more minute.
Remove from pan.

Reheat pan
and stir fry mushrooms for 30 seconds.
Add meat mixture to wok
and stir fry with the mushroom for about 10 seconds,
then add the dried shrooms and stir fry for another 1 1/2 minutes.

Return cabbage to pan
and stir fry everything for about 3 minutes 
until the meat is thoroughly cooked
 (slightly grayish in color and stiff)
and the cabbage is still green and not yet limp.

Serve immediately.

Very nice job, Mr. Hawthorne.

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