Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Snacktime. Smoked Salmon On A Triscuit.

Good Neighbor Zippy and Good Neighbor Frances
(Not to be confused with another Frank,
who used to be a neighbor but moved away.
Never, ever, mess with Rosie.)
dropped by the other night at the cocktail hour.
We keep a bottle of Canadian Mist and gingerale
for Zippy at all times.

Good Neighbor Frank brought us smoked salmon.

I served them on a Triscuit with cream cheese,
red onion, and fresh dill from the yard.

(The dill was from the yard,
not the Triscuit, cream cheese, or red onion.)

An excellent little appetizer.
A perfect marriage of flavors.

You know,
if you'd like to tweek this
by adding a slice of cucumber and a few capers,
that would be lovely.

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