Sunday, November 9, 2008

Mr. Hawthorne Cooks Breakfast.

Throughout the week, I usually have cereal for breakfast and Mr. Hawthorne will have oatmeal, or wall paper paste, the way he fixes it. I can stand oatmeal once in a while, but only if it has some butter, cream, brown sugar, honey, and fruits mixed in. But that sort of defeats the purpose of having oatmeal in the first place. On Sundays, Mr. Hawthorne treats himself to whatever he wants for breakfast. And this morning, he fixed breakfast for both of us.
Link sausage, browned just the way I like.
Grits from Byrd Mill, with lots of butter and cheddar cheese. If you haven't had real stone ground grits, you haven't had grits and just don't know what you're missing.
After cooking the sausage, Mr. Hawthorne made a gravy from the goody bits.
Mr. Hawthorne makes some mean hash browns.
I almost caught him flipping the egg in mid air.
Thank you, Mr. Hawthorne. I trained you well.

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