Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Fruits Of Our Labors.

I feel like I've really accomplished something. At top right, I have 2 quarts of my Boston Butt cassoulet from the other day. I have only 4 cups leftover from my Split Green Pea Soup from today. All of these will be labeled and will go into the freezer tomorrow for later consumption. Mr. Hawthorne's greens are in the forefront, which will be my lunch tomorrow. And the two little bottles at the left are my dried cayenne peppers - a medium grind, for pizza, on the right, and a fine grind for everything else on the left. Oh ... wait. Those aren't MY dried cayennes. Mr. Hawthorne dried all those peppers. Being the credit whore he is, he would want me to put that fact up front. By drying peppers, I mean he put the peppers he picked off the plants I planted, in the soil which I tilled and I constantly weeded, and which I watered and I fertilized - ... onto paper towels and he left them there for weeks to dry out. Finally, today, he ground them in the Magic Bullet. Yup, Mr. Hawthorne's dried peppers. Not mine.

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Marilyn said...

Well, you know that what he did was so very difficult - not!