Friday, March 11, 2011

Glowria And The Xmaskaties Join The Hawthornes For Oysters.

You know how the Hawthornes love their oysters. Last Saturday, after we went to the Windmill Point burning, Glowria and the Xmaskaties joined us for oysters.
Mr. Xmaskatie and I were in charge of shucking.
Glowria was in charge of the wine.
Peace, Glow.
Mr. Xmaskatie and I will be grilling these oysters and I'm making a topping for them - Paprika, sugar, and Parmesan. Yes, I've done it before, but it keeps getting better and better.
Maybe 3 parts paprika, 1 part sugar, and 4 parts Parmesan. I know the photo above looks like a lot more sugar, but the sugar is on top of the paprika.
Mix well.
Mr. Xmaskatie and I ended up with two large pans of oysters. Then he took off for a stroll in the garden and came back with some extra toppings for his oysters.
Cilantro and mustard greens.
Mince away.
Red onion, queso fresco, mozzarella, Parmesan, minced mustard greens, minced cilantro.
Mince the onions.
Mr. Xmaskatie's toppings.
My toppings: Paprika, sugar, and Parmesan. Melted butter with lemon juice. And a mug of wine for the cook. I enjoy cooking with wine. Sometimes I even use it in the food.
My toppings on the left. Mr. Xmaskatie's on the right.
We placed the oysters on an unlit grill and Mr. Xmaskatie started topping his.
Mr. Xmaskatie topping his oysters with minced mustard greens, cilantro, red onion, Parmesan, Mozzarella, and queso fresco.
The deal in grilling these oysters is to quickly spoon the melted butter over the oysters, then sprinkle the Parmesan mixture on top. Close the grill and cook for a minute or two. When the oysters start to bubble, they're ready. Individually pick the oysters off, since some cook quicker than others, depending on your grill's hot spots.
I lurves me some oysters.


Dogmama13 said...

Gorgeous! This is a classic, thanks for the chuckle at:
"quickly,quickly.". You are so funny.

zzzadig said...

Exactly what are these oyster things you keep referring to?