Sunday, March 20, 2011

Taste Of The Beach Grand Tasting. Formerly The Expo. Rosie's Favorite.

Caution! This is a spoiler episode. (That means I tell you who I picked to win.) Rosie, Mr. Hawthorne, and I went to Taste of The Beach, The Grand Tasting tonight.
Your faithful reporter at OBX Taste Of The Beach is officially done. OBXTOTB really should hire me. Drum roll, please. Rosie has picked her favorite. I will upload all 117 pictures tonight and add commentary and post the whole shebang tomorrow. Until then,
here's my favorite.
Rockfish with hot butter rum sauce and kiwi and strawberry salsa and take me away Calgon. This rocked my world. The Great American Grill. Funny. After getting home and comparing notes, Mr. Hawthorne and I found it interesting that we both noted this particular dish. Noted, as in mind, not pen and paper. He wanted to tell me about it and I wanted to tell him about it. We do have the same tastes. And we're starting to look alike. That's because we eat the same food.


Marilyn said...

Does this mean that we are going to see you try your spin on this dish soon?

Rosie Hawthorne said...

But of course!