Monday, March 14, 2011

Some Colington Color.

The other Friday, Mr. Hawthorne was taking me to my foot doctor's appointment at 10:00 AM. We passed a gentleman walking on the side of Colington road. He was wearing a Carolina Blue Viagra jacket and he was carrying a cooler of beer on his shoulder and he had a beer in hand. It would have been a perfect photograph. One of those "you don't see this a lot" pictures. I so wanted to stop and shoot his picture, but I'm slightly O/C and had to get to my appointment on time. I let it go, knowing he'd be back. As would we. Then Mr. Hawthorne and I laughed and made up jokes about the Viagra and the beer the rest of the way to my doctor's office. On Monday morning, when Mr. Hawthorne and I were leaving Colington, I espied Viagra Man. Same spot. I was elated. Mr. Hawthorne immediately turned into Colington Realty, I jumped out of the truck, camera in hand, and Viagra Man came running toward me. He thought we were picking him up. Alas. Mr. Hawthorne's back seats were down and the whole back of the truck open, so there was nowhere for V-Man to sit. I think I kinda dashed Viagra Man's hopes of a hitch to his destination, when I asked if he'd let me shoot his backsides. And he was kind enough to oblige. He explained to me about his jacket and cap and the fact that he was there, at the Daytona 500, when Dale Earnhardt died, February 18, 2001.
Now, if you had seen this guy walking down the road, with a cooler of beer and a beer in hand and you couldn't stop and shoot a picture, would you think to yourself, "Dang, I missed that shot!" Wouldn't you think that that was the shot that got away? Well, you wouldn't if you lived in Colington. You gotta love these guys.

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