Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rosie's Garden.

Please join Rosie for a walk through her garden.
It's Wednesday, April 20, 2011. My first rose buds are opening.
This is a volunteer Money Plant, AKA Honesty Plant or Lunaria annua. The seed pods, green now, will become paper thin and silver and look like silver dollars. I planted seeds last year, and the plants self-seeded all over the yard. They're quite pretty.
I love this color blue iris.
I'll be back with a better picture of the light lilac colored one.
I got one of those boxes of assorted seeds last spring from Ace Hardware with a full price rebate. I sowed the seeds last spring and I am rewarded this spring with an abundance of stuff I'm not sure about. The orange one on the left is a poppy. Fellow blogger, Mar, of FoodiesUntie blogdom, and a Master Gardener, identified the others. The light orange in the middle is calendula, and I always think of Caligula before I can come up with with the correct name. The pretty yellow on the right is ...
... a western wallflower called Erysimum capatatum. More info here.
Here's my little scabiosa. Unfortunate name for such a pretty little flower. More info here.
Red verbena blowing in the breeze.
Columbines, or Aquilegia, are one of my favorites.
And it's awfully windy out here.
Pretty little vinca, blowing in the breeze.
Caligu ... er ... calendula on the left, Western Wallflowers in middle back. Poppies in the middle front. Blue bachelor's button, AKA cornflower or
Centaurea cyanus on the right.
Blue larkspur on the left. And all over. The bachelors buttons and the larkspur self-seed violently all over my yard.
We've been eating off this one asparagus plant for almost 3 weeks now.
Remember in my last gardening post when I wrote about Mama Duck in my yard? When I was out weeding in the front rose bed, I startled her and she flew away, leaving one lone egg in the nest. She never came back to that nest but she did start another one not too far away. Right on the other side of the fence. Can you see her?
Some type of phlox on the right. A fennel plant that popped up there last year. Different shamrocks.
These are my wild orchids which are multiplying.
Mar believes this to be some form of Phlox divaricata.
Oxalis with pink flowers.
Shamrocks, AKA oxalis, with pink and white flowers. Purple oxalis in the back. I'll be back soon and reshoot these with my other camera when there's no wind.

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Marilyn said...

Glad I could help, Rosie.

I love your garden. Around here, things are just getting the idea that they should be waking up for the year.