Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rosie's Spring Garden.

Please join Rosie for a walk through her garden.
Youngest Hawthorne helped me plant these tulips about 15 years ago.
Calendula and my buddy, Blackie. Blackie routinely gets moved throughout the garden. People like to mess with me. And I continue to mess with them. This gives me great pleasure.
Mar, you want to tell me what this is? The leaves almost look like snapdragons, but it's not. And Mar would be my friend and Master Gardener of Foodies Untie blogdom.
It comes in different colors.
And has the little clusters at the top.
The first little pink flower on my oxalis, AKA shamrock.
Parrot tulip.
Allysum. I had white and purple allysums that came up on the border of this bed last year. I don't know whether this particular plant lasted through the winter or came up this early and is blooming now. I prefer, correctly, I think, to believe it made it through winter.
Not sure what this is either.
Or this.
My larkspur is starting to bloom.
Ahh. Asparagus.
The first bachelor button.
Beautiful verbena.
Ice plant.
More asparagus.
Delicate yellow tulips.
Exquisite little columbine.
I was weeding in this area, and suddenly, there was a great whooshing of wings. Mama Duck flew out. Here's her nest.
One egg. Mama hasn't been back.
My herb garden.
I have two huge rosemary plants in the background. Marjoram behind them where you can't see it. Oregano. Sage getting ready to bloom. Fennel shooting up again. Parsley. Cilantro. Chives. Three different types of thyme- lemon variegated, German, and English. I love my herb garden. That lopsided tree leaning in on the right hand side is my bay tree, which I had to do major surgery on a month or so ago.
All these new plants were from seed packets I'd planted last spring. Ten for a dollar at the Dollar Store. I'd forgotten about all those plants and here they were, coming up in my spring garden. This is so exciting to me. The larkspur seeds were thrown out years ago. It has become a beautiful weed in my yard. It self-seeds every year, everywhere, coming up in fall, over-wintering, doing just fine in snow, and then blooming in April.
Verbena is a perennial.
Xmaskatie ID'd this as dianthus. Thanks. I knew it was something, but I just couldn't remember what.
Queen Anne's lace.
I had to bring some of the pretty inside.
I love the blues in the top half. Daughter Hawthorne? Could you please, please, please draw this for me? Along with this picture of Dixie and Junior: Happy gardening all.


Marilyn said...

Sorry, Rosie, but until I get my computer back from my tech guy, I'm not going to be able to be of much help in Identifying the plants. I need a bigger screen than the iPod has to see the pictures and more resources for researching.

Marilyn said...

I believe that the first two plants are Erysimum capitatum, or Western wallflowers: The first blue flower looks to be a type of phlox. I am having no luck with the last blue flower right now.


And thanks to the Foodie Daughter for the use of her computer so I could search for you.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Mar, you rock!

Carry on.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

And thanks, Foodie Daughter. Auntie
Rosie loves you!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Auntie Rosie, I try to make it available, not always easy since it's the end of the semester and those darn professors find it necessary to pile on lots of papers that require the use of the computer. :( They just don't know what is really important in life and insist that their class is more important than having a life. FHATE college professors when they act like that.

-Foodie Daughter

zzzadig said...

You have a lot of cuties blooming. My Clematis are blooming ...neener, neener.