Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rosie's Garden.

I decided to do another garden walk-through sans wind and avec my Nikon D80. I needed something more controllable than my autofocus Nikon Cool Pix 5100.
This is my first bloom. It's my Jacob's Coat climbing rose.
Lunaria annua. I call it money plant. Others call it honesty plant. As I said in my last post, the green pods above turn into silver dollar like pods.
My irises.
I love the colors of these.
Wind-whupped tulips.
Larkspur comes in all different colors in my yard.
Bachelor's button or cornflower.
Poppies and calendula and erysimum.
Purple verbena
Thanks again, to my friend, Mar, of Foodies Untie blogdom, for identifying yet another plant in my garden. (You'd think I'd know what I plant, but I throw out so many seeds, I have no idea.)
This is a red salvia - Furman's Red Autumn Sage.
Lilac verbena
Red verbena.
More columbine.
I love this blue one.
My columbines self-seed all over.
Phlox and oxalis.
My wild orchids.
Mama Duckie.
Hope you enjoyed the tour. Stay tuned for ... the ROSES. They'll be in bloom soon.

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Marilyn said...

I love your garden.

Glad I could help.