Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Brief Respite. The Hawthornes Have Repasts.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
I hope you haven't been worried about the Hawthornes' sustenance, since this is, basically, a food blog and I haven't posted anything about food lately. Are the Hawthornes eating? Where's the food? I know these issues are paramount in your mind. To allay your fears, here's the food; here's what we've been eating.
Last night, Saturday, Mr. Hawthorne stir fried spicy shrimp, celery, carrots, water chestnuts, onions, and snow peas from the garden.
Thank you, Mr. Hawthorne. As always, delightful. Succulent, spicy shrimp always win me over. Crisp, green, sweet, fresh snow peas is the icing on the cake. In retaliation for Mr. Hawthorne's wonderfulness ...
... I made Eggs Hawthorne this morning. Toasted whole wheat muffin, Ticky! Steamed spinach. Slightly browned ham slices. Egg gently dropped into the vortex of vinegared water (which coagulates the albumen and makes for a nice, neat, white packet) and gently poached for precisely 2 minutes and 45 seconds. My Hollandaise was superb.
My favorite part of Eggs Hawthorne - the defoliation of the ovum. That sounds dirty.


Marilyn said...

Whew, another worry off my mind. Oh, I kid. But you and Mr. H do make such wonderful meals and I love to see what new foods you will come up with.

SweetPhyl said...

"defoliation of the ovum" not only sounds dirty, but it would be a GREAT title for a Food Blog...LOVE THAT!