Monday, May 9, 2011

Say Goodbye To Maxine.

Sunday morning at Maxine's.
A nice soft rain.
Maxine's front yard is full of iberis, or candy tuft. There's a clematis growing up the lamp post and it's getting ready to bloom. Plus she has assorted lilies out here. Her azaleas are huge. Wish I'd been here to see them in bloom along with the dogwood tree.
That's Maxine's geranium on the table, along with a red-veined sorrel (rumex acestosa) and a culantro (That's the way it's spelled on the tag.) or Mexican coriander (eryngium foetidum) that I bought at the Danville Farmer's Market. I've never seen a cilantro like this one so I had to have it. As for the flat, that's mine too. Here's an article on sorrel which Xmaskatie sent me. I've started planting sorrel in the garden ever since our cooking class at the North Carolina Aquarium. Thanks, Xmaskatie!
Yellow and purple calibrachoa.
Maxine came home with a few plants from the market too - tomato, lavender, parsley, and basil.
Here's what's in my flat: I have two geraniums - a Patriot Cherry Rose and a Patriot Lavender Blue, Lobelia erinus - Laguna Sky Blue, Osteospermum hybrid - Soprano, Brachyscome hybrid Blue Zephyr, and Heliotropium arboresens - Marine Heliotrope.
Red-veined sorrel and Mexican culantro.
Thank you, Maxine, for a lovely visit. Time to head back to the beach now.

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