Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Hawthornes Have Lunch At The Firefly In Nags Head.

Sunday afternoon, the Hawthornes headed out for FoodLion. In an effort to cut back on our grocery expenses and gasoline expenditure, we timed our trip out to coincide with lunch out. We decided to try a new restaurant in Nags Head - The Firefly. It occupies the building in which It's Prime used to be, between Ace Hardware and Centura Bank in Nags Head, on the west side of the bypass. Rosie Tip #639: Never, ever go to a grocery store hungry. I apologize for all the italics, but Blogger is being all fraptious and wonky and I can't do a thing about this.
The building is yellow. Very yellow. There's an upstairs deck where the marquee indicates they have live music on Fridays. The interior is warm and intimate. This is looking out from our booth seat to the vestibule. Lots of greenery to homey up the place. Comfortable ambiance. Jennifer, our capable, attentive, and, according to Mr. Hawthorne, pleasant to look at, waitress, immediately brought us menus and took our drink orders. There's very little light in the restaurant, so please excuse the crappiness of my menu photos.
Jennifer brought us a complimentary plate of Flickers - Firefly's signature puff pastry delicacy with honey and butter. According to their menu: Firefly's signature secret recipe, light and flakey mouth watering pastry tossed in honey butter. $5.99 Nice. But, as Mr. Hawthorne said, it had no guts. Good, but needs guts. Not enough on its own.
I ordered the Fried Green Bean appetizer. According to Firefly's menu: Fried Green Beans Fried whole petite green beans with a spicy breading served with a bistro dipping sauce. $5.99 Rosie's take: Who couldn't love fried? It tasted good, since I love fried batter, but there was no taste of the green bean. I want to taste the vegetable. The batter was way too heavy for the beans. I love the green beans we make. The batter is light and delicate and the bean shines. I dust them with my homemade cayenne powder. Here are the fried green beans I made for Maxine and Carmen. It was Mama Hawthorne's 95th birthday.
Mr. Hawthorne ordered the fried pickles. According to their menu: Fried Pickles Crinkle cut dill pickle chips, lightly breaded and crispy fried, served with a ranch dipping sauce. $5.99 These were nice. But I couldn't tell the difference between my green bean bistro sauce and Mr. Hawthorne's ranch dipping sauce.
Mr. Hawthorne ordered the ... Grilled Romaine Salad A whole head of romaine lettuce char-grilled topped with cherry tomatoes, bacon pieces, and bleu cheese dressing. $5.99 Good dressing. I ordered the tuna, medium-rare, with a chipotle tartar sauce on a Kaiser roll. For the side order, I had the broccoli salad, with dried cranberries, candied nuts, and a sweet onion dressing.
The tuna was cooked to order - medium rare, but I'd prefer some heavier grill marks. I don't think it was fresh tuna though. It had a hint of fishiness. That said, I've never had a decent piece of tuna at any restaurant. The broccoli salad I will be recreating. It was quite good.
I prefer a heavier sear and more even cooking. Bottom line - the bill for 2 for lunch was $34 before tip. A little pricey for us. Drinks were $2.50 a pop.


Anonymous said...

I've been wondering about this place, I could tell from your photo those green beans were heavy on the breading, the pickle breading looked lighter, maybe they should use that for the beans.
I don't think $35 for 2 is too much for apps and lunch entree, especially if $5 was for drinks. Didn't notice on the menu, do they use local seafood, and do they have daily specials?

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Anony, I didn't see any specials when I was there, but they may have them. If they use local seafood, it's not listed as such on the menu. In the fried seafood basket, the shrimp were from the gulf.

As far as I know, Basnight's Lone Cedar Cafe is the only place on the beach which uses exclusively local catch.