Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rosie's Garden. May 8, 2011.

All those lovely mounds of ice plant started from one serendipitous little seed which found its way into my yard. I found the one little seedling in this bed, wasn't sure what it was, but knew it was something. I let it grow and was rewarded by this beautiful plant. They are easily propagated. Just cut off a piece and stick it anywhere. It'll grow. Ice plant, or delosperma, is a succulent indigenous to South Africa and I'm so happy it found its way to my garden.
I love the colors here.
This little beauty is coreopsis - from that box of seeds I planted last spring. I got the box from Ace Hardware with a full rebate on it.
I mulched the left side of the garden, but didn't get a chance to mulch here on the right. The recycling center ran out of mulch and I won't be able to get more until June.
I love it here under the willows next to the water. I threw out some wildflower mix last spring and now I have all this.
Mr. Hawthorne was out on the deck and gave me a headsup for this low-flying plane. He doesn't know what type plane this is so we'd love it if someone could identify it.


Marilyn said...

Lovely garden. Wish I was there.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Me too, Mar. Me too.

Mr. P said...

Rosie, I think the plane looked a little like a B-52 bomber. It is not a B-1 Bomber, the B-1 is sleeker than the one in the pictures. Was there an air show of some sort nearby that weekend?