Monday, February 13, 2012

Lunch At Tokyo Grill In Danville.

While in Danville this weekend,
I checked out Tokyo Grill with Maxine.
I'm posting this since I'm always curious about other restaurants' offerings and how they compare to what's available on the beach.
We each got the lunch special. I thought this was a pretty good price.
Miso soup was served first with seaweed and scallions. Sorry, still don't like seaweed, but the soup was very nice.
Inside Tokyo Grill.
Maxine got the Hibachi shrimp.
LinkI had the hibachi steak, rare. For seven bucks, I thought this was a pretty good deal. We had our choice of dipping sauces, and I chose a delicious soy ginger sauce, a hot chili sauce, a duck sauce, and what's called Yum-Yum sauce. The Yum-Yum sauce was very similar to the Japanese mayonnaise I made with miso. I asked the waitress and she said the recipe was a secret, but she thought it had pineapple juice in it. I wish I'd brought some home so Mr. Hawthorne could try it. He's very good at deconstructing a recipe.

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