Saturday, February 4, 2012

Rosie Has A Squirrel.

It's funny how Mother Nature works. We built this house in 1987. It's canal front. We planted black pines along the canal on the West side, and along the North side of the property. We have ferocious Nor'easters that can drone on and on and on in February through March and I wanted the protection on that side. I have never had the first squirrel on this property until this summer. Right before Irene. And that would be Hurricane Irene. The trees have been here all these years, but the squirrels haven't been until now.
Here he/she is out on my deck this morning. I don't want Mr. Squirrel to dig in my garden, since I've seen signs already. So I'm just giving him some easy food so he doesn't have to forage.
Later today, I put out some sunflower seeds that have been languishing in the freezer for too long. And I marked the seeds off my inventory.
I was lying on my belly, shooting pics through the sliding glass door.
Little Squirrel never was aware of my presence.
Note to self: Self: clean the sliding glass doors!
Doggie smudges all over the door.
Remind me to clean the sliders tomorrow. Where's my squeegie?
Thanks to SouthDriveIn for sending me this video. I knew something was bothering me about those squirrels. Just couldn't put my finger on it. Now that's better.


Marilyn said...

I don't know; now that you're feeding that critter, you're gonna have to keep feeding him. They are cute, but they are a nuisance with a bird feeder. Still not as bad as raccoons.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Naw, Mar. I don't have to keep feeding him. Apparently, he's found something to eat here already. And I see diggings all over the gardens and yard.

Anonymous said...


Rosie Hawthorne said...

Wi-i-i-i-l-l-l-l-l-b-b-b-b-u-r-r-r-r! The way Mr. Ed used to say it.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Also, Mar, we're waiting for squirrel season.

Squirrel Casserole is in our future.

Marilyn said...

We used to have a squirrel that would come around and visit the bird feeders. We called him Stumpy because he only had half a tail.

southdrivein said...

The squirrels have shown up at our home also this year for the first time. I am attemting to teach them to riverdance, but with no luck so far.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

South, don't you think Riverdance is a bit ambitious for your squirrels? Perhaps you should start with the Hokey Pokey first.