Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sights On 64 East To The Outer Banks.

This is a draft from 12/04/11 which somehow got lost in the shuffle and I never got around to posting it. Until now. I'm finally posting it, since today Mr. Hawthorne and I took the same route home, after he visited with his family and I stayed in Danville with Maxine, where good times are legion. Sunday morning, Mr. Hawthorne and I were driving back from Bassett and Danville, and he actually slowed down and anticipated this house which I've always wanted to shoot.
I was able to do a drive-by today.
I need to shoot this in the morning when the sun is somewhere else.
We also stopped in Columbia, so I could get a picture of this pretty little Episcopal church.
That's how blue the sky was that day. I didn't even put on a polarizer.
Right on the next corner is another pretty church. I do not like power lines.


Anonymous said...

You need a summer shot of that house, zinnias and other flowers everywhere.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Wish I could've gotten the shot of all the swans in one of those ponds along 64,