Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lunch In Wilmington.

The Hawthornes are in Wilmington
and we're hungry.

We stopped at Indochine for lunch
and an "authentic Asian dining experience."

A bit of history from their website:
Indochine History 

With raven locks and big dark eyes, I skipped along the stony path to the village market, all the while my mother beckoned, “Solange! Hurry, hurry. We must gather the freshest vegetables, fruits, and seafood for the ‘Ceremony of the Remembrance of our Ancestors’. Everything must be the best available,” she insisted.

I tagged along the muddy streets behind my mother, distracted by all the sights and sounds of the vendors and farmers. This was the festive trek of our Vietnamese culture; rich with clatter and tantalizing aromas. The market place was as varied as the patterns in my mother’s flowing ao dai; it was a colorful as my grandfather’s kois, for which I cared each day after school.
The simple life, mixed with jaunts to the Phunhuan Market in Saigon, planted a seed in my heart. It was the love of cooking; the gratitude for the earth’s blessings and the reverence in which I was taught to prepare ingredients. Those lessons still ring in my head, as I can still hear my mother say, “Solange, the most important ingredient in the meal is the love for your family and friends.”

The restaurant is beautiful.

After I ordered,
I went outside to walk through
the beautiful gardens.

I think I need some statuary in my garden.

I'm not used to Thai and Vietnamese food,
so I never know what to order.
I got the Bento Box.

And I don't know what I'm eating.
The curried chicken was a little too much curry for me.

However, that little rangoon was quite tasty.

More curry.

This was kind of a curry beef stew.

I wish I had known what to order,
because these flavors were too much the same
for my tastes.

Should've ordered the coconut fried shrimp appetizer.
One can never go wrong with coconut fried shrimp.


Lea said...

Beautiful place!! Too bad your food experience wasn't better! The server couldn't suggestion something for you?

Lea said...

Suggest something for you, rather.....

long day, sorry!

Rosie Hawthorne said...

I'm sure she could have, Lea. Next time I'll ask for less curry. It was overkill to me. The food is good, but just what I had was too much of the same. The gardens were lovely though.

Lea said...

I usually go for noodle dishes in Thai places. I'm always afraid the curries will be too HOT.