Monday, October 22, 2012

Rosie's Guilty Pleasure. Dancing With The Stars.

Rosie loves Dancing With The Stars.

It's her guilty pleasure.

I loved tonight's episode.

I don't know what Carrie Anne Inaba
was doing,
but I'm waiting to hear for the explanation.

You just have to love this stuff.

Just keep going,
Carrie Anne.

How did CarrieAnneInabaTakeThatDive??~~

I love Dancing With The Stars!


Catherine said...
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Catherine said...

Dear Rosie, My guilty pleasure is 'Castle'. Not only is he easy on the eyes but the show is a lot of fun. Dancing is fun daughter and I enjoy it, although I must admit I haven't gotten to watch much of this season.

Blessings dearest, your friend, Catherine xo

Marilyn said...

I'm not sure who loves Gilles more: Carrie Anne or Bruno?