Monday, October 22, 2012

October 8, 2012. The Hawthornes Have Their First Meal Of Note.

Between Charleston and Savannah,
the Hawthornes took a slight detour 
to Beaufort, South Carolina, for lunch.

To enlighten you,
the city Beaufort in South Carolina,
is pronounced BEW-fert.
The city Beaufort in North Carolina
is pronounced BO-fert.

We drove around,
looking for restaurants on the Garmin,
finally stopped and asked some locals,
and they directed us to Nippy's.

Nippy's is a hole in the wall
and by golly, Rosie loves nothing more
than a good hole in the wall.

Nippy's did not disappoint.
Nippy's gave me new faith in dining out.

We've had some good meals
along the way,
but this is the first I felt inclined to blog about.

Before I get to Nippy's,
I'll summarize our previous meals.

To wit:
We stopped in Englehard, NC, on our first day
of our trip and on our last day
and ate at the same restaurant on 264 -
 The salad bar is serviceable, 
although I had to pass on the bleu cheese dressing.
Not good.
We each had a salad
and split the Appetizer Seafood Sampler,
$15.95, consisting of a crab cake,
about 10 fried oysters, and 10 fried scallops,
served with a remoulade sauce.
Oysters were excellent.
The crab cake was more like a crab pancake -
very thin.
Too much filling, not enough crab.
When we stopped there going back home,
(Timing is everything.
There really isn't anything else for miles,
and we were hungry.)
I subbed grilled scallops instead of fried.
Scallops slightly on the salty side, but still,
it's good food.

For those of you who favor buffets,
they also have a southern buffet spread,
with fried chicken, fish swimming in butter,
 unidentified meats, green beans cooked
to within an inch of their lives,
and some other vegetables screaming in their bondage.
Hush puppies, rolls, soup de jour, and desserts
are also available.

Whole meal $20.

We took a quick detour in South Carolina
to Calabash to eat at Ella's.
 Again, a serviceable salad bar and this time good bleu cheese.
I tried a cup of their crab bisque,
which was well-seasoned with visible chunks of crab.
Excellent bisque.
We each had fried platters -
I had fried shrimp, oysters, and clam strips.
Mr. H had fried oysters.
I would recommend Ella's.
About $30.

When we were in Charleston,
we went again to Hyman's Seafood for lunch.
A seafood bisque was lovely.
We each had a Caesar salad with fried oysters.
Fried oysters were good;
we make better Caesar dressing.
Bottom line - $56.
Not worth it.
And the menu flyer they hand out on the street
does not reflect the prices actually charged.
Even the waitress, when Mr. H. questioned the bill,
said she "hated that flier."
Hyman's is more a touristy place.
On the tables, they have little bronze plaques
for the celebrities who've been there.

Here's my post from our 2010 trip
to Hyman's.
Dang, I should've re-read my post.

 That said, our meal at Nippy's
was the best meal we've had on the road so far.

When I walked into Nippy's,
I knew I was in my Happy Place.

I had grilled shrimp in a corn tortilla,
with extra crispy fries and a pico de gallo.
The Shrimp Tacos were $3.50.
Shrimp were perfectly cooked.
This was a meal I've been missing
 ever since we got on the road.
I ate every bit of it
and wanted more.
That's not like me.

Mr. Hawthorne had the fried oysters.

Yes, he's cheating on his diet a bit,
but he loves his oysters.

Outdoor seating is also available at Nippy's

If you're ever in Bewfert, South Carolina,
this is the place to go.


Tammy said...

Well that could certainly get confusing!!!
That food looks so delicious...I must remember it is in SC! :D


Rosie Hawthorne said...

Tammy, I just made my own mahi mahi tacos. Even better!