Saturday, October 27, 2012

October 10, 2012. The Hawthornes Are In Macon, Georgia.

Back to our road trip.

On October 9, we were in Savannah
eating some mighty fine oysters.
On the tenth,
we're on the way to Stone Mountain, Georgia,
but not before we stop at H & H Restaurant
in Macon, Georgia.

Before we embarked on our first "Great Adventure,"
I joined AAA and got all the guide books for each state.
These are great, informative, little tomes.
The AAA Tour Books take on most cities in each state,
giving a bit of history about the state and the city,
and offering lodging and dining information,
along with local area attractions.
As the Hawthornes approached Macon, Georgia,
I consulted my AAA Guide
for dining establishments for lunch.
I found this entry among many:
H & H Restaurant
Down-home vittles come from Mama Louise's kitchen.
 Operating since 1968, 
the soul-food establishment was routinely visited
 by members of the Allman Brothers band. 
 The walls are a memorial to them.

For your listening pleasure,
I've included one of the finest driving tunes ever:
Lord I was born a ramblin' man.

Well, you know Rosie has to go here.
Today is Wednesday the tenth,
so I'm having roast beef, collards, lima beans, and squash.
Mr. H. got the pork chops, okra and tomatoes, limas, and collards.

H & H pays homage to the Allman Brothers Band.
I was happily strolling through the restaurant,
minding my own business,
shooting pics (NO flash!) of the memorabilia and ...

...  I'm told by the little old lady to stop shooting pictures.
I always do what little old ladies tell me to.

Despite what the squash in the foreground looks like,
it tastes really good.
Lima beans?  Meh.
Collards - slightly bitter.
There is no lemon in this establishment.
Sometimes, you need some good Southern food, though.

Very nice cornbread.

Mr. H.'s pork chops were overcooked.
He also mentioned the light bitterness in the greens
and said the okra and tomatoes were the best thing on his plate.

When was the last time you saw
 a man in a seer-sucker suit?
Only Southern Gentlemen wear them.

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