Saturday, October 27, 2012

Saturday Afternoon, Rosie Awaits Sandy's Visit.

The Outer Banks starting feeling the effects
of offshore Hurricane Sandy early this morning.

I woke to drizzle and gray clouds -
not a bad way to start out the day.
And the day continued to be lovely. 

Even though Sandy is way out,
we are worried about flooding here.
After ThatBitchIrene,
we always worry about flooding.
Sandy may turn into another ThatBitchIrene.
And that's what we're worried about.
Once the hurricane passes us,
the wind will change from northeast to northwest.
That's when the sound-side is most vulnerable.
And there is a full moon.
Earlier they were talking
about a 3-5 foot storm surge.

So, we prepare.

First item on the agenda today
was to bring in all the house plants
that have been summering on the deck.
However, before I could do this,
I had to re-arrange the furniture in the living room,
from my spring/summer motif
to my fall/winter motif.
But before I could re-arrange the furniture,
I had to vacuum the floors,
steam clean them, then polish and shine.
If you're moving furniture anyways,
take the opportunity to do a damn fine job
of which you are very proud. 
And a little re-arrangement
always is a good thing.

And then I moved my truck to high ground.

And now ...
 we wait ...

This is one of the funniest videos
I've seen in a while.
Watch the background.


Lea said...

What a happy little Princess. So unconcerned!

vera charles said...

Hilarious! Several years ago, we were in South Carolina when Hurricanes Bonnie and Charlie hit one after the other. The Weather Channel trucks were set up in the Holiday Inn parking lot and we could see Jim Cantore doing his live shots from right next door. It didn't even occur to us to send some of the little kids over to jump around behind him! :)