Sunday, October 28, 2012

More Of Sandy.

I'm sure many of you are wondering,
"What does Rosie eat during a hurricane?"

Well, Imonna tell you.
Rosie eats comfort food
and Rosie's comfort is meatloaf on white bread with butter.
A nice whole wheat heel is really good too.

Mr. Hawthorne and I (Read: mostly me.)
have spent the past few days preparing for Sandy.
We learned from ThatBitch Irene.
We'd never had flooding to that extent before.

Our homes are on pilings,
so we don't worry about that.
We worry about all the equipment and debris of our lives
one normally stores in a
 ground-level utility room and garage.

After ThatBitchIrene,
the cleanup entailed taking EVERYTHING
out of the garage and setting it in the driveway
and cleaning the garage completely.
Bleach was involved.
We went to Home Depot and
bought sturdy storage/shelving units,
installed them throughout,
let everything dry out in the sun
in the driveway for about 2-3 weeks,
then organized everything and put it back together.
I never want to have to do that again.
To make a short story long,
we had to lift several rather heavy items
to put up on planks atop saw horse.
There was a power washer,
a compressor, and a generator,
which I hope we won't have to use.
Then I had to figure out what to do
with the additional items Middle Hawthorne
left in the garage 3 weeks ago
when he was moving from Point A to Point L
and stopped at Casa Hawthorne along the way
 to "drop off some stuff."

Everything is ready.

And now ...
we wait.


EAM said...

Rosie, the best way to cope with hurricanes and ice storms is to buy an old fashioned country ham. NOT a city ham. That way,you can always eat. Trust me on this. I kept one for three years and it worked like a charm.


Rosie Hawthorne said...

EAM, I have so much in my freezers, we could survive forever. However, I dearly miss my daddy's country hams.

Nettie said...

I just saw your video--waiting for Sandy. (You have a beautiful yard!)

We have just built in Colington Harbour on a canal. Yes--we knew about Hurricane Irene--so we are up 9 ft--like everyone else--and keep nothing on the ground level. I just saw the most current advisory on the Dare County Site--sound side flooding has been increased to 4-6 ft----possible 7 ft in some areas.

My question--is that taken from the height of the water level in the canals? If so--I think we generally have 3 ft of bulkhead above the water level. What is the "lowest" level on the sound side down there--that would be a target for this 7 ft rise? I think the worst is--tonight with high tide--full moon--intense winds---and rain--------geeze. Appreciate any info you can provide.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Hi Nettie and welcome. I was wondering that myself. I'm considering the 3-5 foot rise from the usual level in the canals. In which case, I would still flood, but not so much. Haven't heard about the 4-6/7 foot scenario yet.

I can't offer any more info than you aleady have. Just get everything secured and at least 3 feet high.

Have no idea what the high tide and full moon will contribute.

Stay safe!


Rosie Hawthorne said...

Hi Nettie,

The only thing I can tell you is that this seems to be a relentless storm. It is slow-moving.

What I wait for, is the turn. The shift in winds. It happens when the storm is passing.

What we're having now is a Nor'easter and I don't know when it will let up. I'm waiting for the storm to go north of us, then the wind come from the west/southwest and that's when the water comes back in.

Don't know when or if that will happen. I just prepare for the worst.

Be safe.