Sunday, April 28, 2013

Around Rosie's Yard.

Every morning I take Beau out
and we play "Cone."

 There are no rules
and it's a stupid game.
As best as I can tell, 
I'm supposed to kick cones
and Beau blocks them.
 Beau is guarding his cones.

 Something from the wildflower package.
 Don't know what it is.
 ETA:  Once again, MyGalMar
has identified yet another little puzzler of mine.

Thanks, Mar.
And that would be my friend
and fellow blogger, Marilyn,
of Foodies Untie blogdom.

 Beau always likes to check out the pier.
There are many interesting aromas on our pier.
Bait.  Fish.  Chum.
And, of course, nutria and/or otter excrement.
Dixie used to love to roll in it.
Then she'd come to the sliding glass door,
lookin' all hang-dog,
and when I opened the door for her,
I could immediately smell it.
Once you smell it, you don't forget it.
It's unique.
Dixie would lower her head
and slink up the steps to the bathroom.
She would deliberately roll in this shit
so I would have to give her a bath.

 I love the color of these irises.

A little bug in the petals.

 It's windy.


Marilyn said...

It appears to be cheiranthus, or orange wallflower.

Marilyn said...

You're welcome, Rosie.

That game of Cone sounds a lot like our game of Ice Cube that we play at our house. Whenever an ice cube falls out of the ice cube dispenser from the refrigerator, Minx is right there, waiting for us to slide it across the floor to him. He then will bat it away, like an ice hockey goalie. That cat loves his ice cubes.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Beau is not that reactive with the Cones. He just tries to block them when I kick. Junior is the Ice Cube player. He's very interactive with Cubes.