Friday, April 12, 2013

More Of Rosie's Garden.

 Welcome to Rosie's garden.




I love the orange and pink together.

 Stock comes in a lot of different colors.

Bees are back.
I like bees.
Nice little bumble bee.

Pretty stock in pretty colors.


More stock.

Line of blue anemones.

 Pink-flowering shamrocks.

 White-flowering shamrock.

 Vinca, or periwinkle.

Stock, stock, stock.

 Little treasures in my garden.
 Sitting on pieces of fulgurite.

 It's windy.

Anemone getting ready to open.

Vinca with red carnations in the background.

Brand new fatsia japonica leaves opening up.

I think this little pretty is a type of phlox.

It's very delicate.

I noticed this new plant last year,
 when a little seedling appeared
 in one of my garden beds.
I didn't know what it was,
but I have a saying:
"It looks like sumpin'."

I know my weeds pretty well
and know which ones to pull up,
but every now and then,
something unfamiliar appears.
And for some reason,
I don't think it's a weed.
So I let it grow.
More often than not,
it's not a weed.
I waited about a year
and today I was rewarded by this pretty little blue flower.

These are the pretty pink flowers of one of my shamrocks.
It's right next to the blue phlox.
I need the phlox to spread and bloom more,
then take a picture of those two pastels together.

It's Wednesday night.
Time for the weekly boat races in the sound.

Pink phlox.

Just to show you the size of this one.

Pretty mound of iberis, or candy tuft,
from a package of wildflower seeds I threw out last fall.

What is this?

The flower is similar to a snapdragon.
Leaves, not so much.

The green behind the anemones
is a patch of parsley and cilantro.

The bright green sprouts coming up
around the base of the anemones are wild orchids.
They are happily going forth and multiplying.

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dh said...

I really like the pic of the three pink shamrocks!