Sunday, April 21, 2013

Rosie's Garden Snippets.

Welcome to little snippets of my garden.
 Stock between the walkway and the house.
The smell is delicious.

 Pretty little baby blue phlox.


 Celadon poppy from a gardener/neighbor/friend.
The wonderful thing about gardeners is
we SHARE with each other.
I paired the yellow poppy with a Tropicanna Canna.
And a watering can.
The canna grows 6-8 feet tall
and has a yellow/orange bloom.
Later, in between,
I planted nigella, AKA love-in-a-mist.
Looking forward to the blue from the love-in-a-mist
and the yellow and orange from the poppy and canna.

I need a red in there.
And I have just the thing.
Two beautiful red zinnia seed pods I saved from last year.


 This is the flower bud of a scallion.

The beauty about a garden
is that it's a growing, evolving entity.
Seeds I plant in one area germinate,
 grow, and develop beautiful flowers;
and the seed pods, with help from the winds and critters,
disperse seeds all over the yard.
I never know what I'll find where.
That's the fun.
It's a joyful thing.

Leopard plant.
With a little cilantro tucked in.

My backyard.


 I need to paint those white pipes.
Hawthorne Haiku:
Money plants blooming.
I need to trim the boxwood.
Do topiary!

Light bulb over head!
Moss grows between the pavers.
I should go to bed.

View from deck.

Celadon poppy.
Herb garden.  Tropicanna.
A watering can.


Marilyn said...

I love Haikus.
Reminds me of friends and laughs.
Love the memories.

Marilyn said...

Dang, missed a syllable in the first line.

I love my Haikus.