Thursday, May 16, 2013

Rosie Cooks Baby Back Ribs Overnight.

Tomorrow, I'm having baby back ribs.
I'm cooking them tonight
while I sleep.

First, I made a rub.
Granulated garlic, oregano, cumin,
pink Himalayan sea salt, ground cayenne.

Sprinkle seasonings all over ribs.

Massage it in.

Set on a rack in a shallow pan
and pour an inch or so of water in the pan.

Give it a few tablespoons of hickory smoke.

Cover tightly with foil.

It's 9:30 PM.
These ribs are going to slow-cook all night long.

I reconsidered and turned the oven down to 200°.

Had these for lunch the next day.
Wonderful flavors and falling off the bone tender.

Stay tuned for Rosie's country style ribs.
Another method.
Only quicker.

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Lori K said...

I will be attempting to duplicate!