Sunday, May 19, 2013

Rosie's Garden.

 Rosie is taking a rest from fooding
and giving you gardening.

There's a fisherman in my backyard.

Purple tulips.

Purple ajuga and purple money plant.

Acanthus setting flower stalk.

I love green.


Ice plant.

Newly planted Scotch moss.

One of the gazzillion types of sedum.
A gift from a friend/neighbor/gardener.

Lunaria/money plant.

More green!

A trail in my garden ...
... leading to ? ...

Waiting on the blooms.

Interesting smells for Beau.

I love the red poppies.
They've just started blooming.

Oenothera or primrose.

Purple iris.

Purple lobelia.
White lobelia.
The white has since died.
The two purples are good to go.

Leopard plant AKA ligularia.


Mr. P said...

Wow, very pretty. You were up early to make this post.

Tammy said...

Oh Rosie how beautiful!!! :D Your garden is so lovely...foxglove, one of my favorites :)

I just put my morning glories in the ground, so hopefully they will be coming up soon. I tried foxglove but I'm not having too much luck...everything is taking so long!! The plants are still so tiny.
Ahh well, soon I hope!


Catherine said...

Dear Rosie, Your garden is beautiful!!
Tammy is doing her very best with the planting. She is trying her best.
There really is so much to do. The storm really took a toll on everything.
You are so gifted and talented in all that you do. You are an inspiration to both Tammy and myself.
Blessings dear. Catherine xo

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Thanks, everyone!