Sunday, May 12, 2013

Welcome To Rosie's Garden.

Welcome to Rosie's Garden.

Here's a beautiful red rose
for all you mothers out there.

Happy Mother's Day!

Please join me for a walk in the garden.
I have to do this several times during the day.
It calms me.
It's relaxing.
It's discovery.
It's exciting.
I always find something new. 
Something unexpected.
Something happy.
My garden makes me smile.

Very fragrant red rose
with orange poppies in the background.

I found a new poppy today.
 In the fall,
I throw out packages of wildflower seeds.
Never know what's going to come up and where.

 I am never disappointed.
I love this color combo -
orange poppies and purple verbena.

 Orange and cream poppies.
Purple stock which self-seeds profusely.
I have pink, purple, blue, and lilac stock everywhere.

 These are the seed pods of lunaria 
AKA honesty plant, money plant, silver dollar plant.
The pods turn silver, resembling coins.


 I love this color blue.
 I also love the brilliant blue
against the soft pink phlox in the back.

 I found this delicate little pretty
hiding under some parsley and a hollyhock leaf.

 Looks like a little phlox.

 I found this pretty blue flower
amidst parsley and dill.
Not sure what this is.
Another phlox?

 My wild orchids are just starting to bloom.

 Pretty purplish-blue iris.

 Celadon poppy.
A gift from a friend/gardener/neighbor.

 Allysum is one of my favorite plants.
So delicate and pretty.
And it seeds very easily.

 Here I have purple and white allysum volunteers
with fatsia japonica top left,
Celadon poppy on right,
and volunteer cilantro in front.

 Wish you could smell this.

 This is my larkspur
which self-seeds everywhere
and I have to pull it up 
and throw it away or give it away.
It's like a weed.
But a very beautiful weed.

 More larkspur.
Love this blue.

Larkspur is an extremely prolific seeder
and it grows easily even in driveway cracks,
as do my stock and bachelor button.

 All that tall green in the background is larkspur.
It comes in all different colors.
Pink, blue, purple, white, lilac, yellow.

 I love my roses.

Happy Mother's Day!


Marilyn said...

Happy Mother's Day, Rosie!

Love the stroll through your garden.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Happy Mother's Day, Mar!