Monday, February 24, 2014

Good Monday Morning!

Hello, Readers.
I was all set to give you a post
about the faboo cannoli I made last week.
That filling was a-ma-ZING!
And just look at the dipped ends -
melted bittersweet chocolate
and crushed pistachios.
Don't you love the green?

But then...

 ...I was watching either
 Food Network or Cooking Channel
and I caught this little jewel.
I couldn't resist.
This video trumps my cannoli.

Turn your speakers up and
please listen carefully.

Listen carefully about the 12 second mark:
"I really want babies.
I've been practicing on a dog for ten years.
It's time to move on."

I call upon everyone
to please self-edit.
Think before you speak
and chose your words carefully.

What he said is not what he meant to say,
but it was funny as hell, so thanks!

1 comment:

Marilyn said...

That is hilarious! Yes, we know what he meant, but that is not what he said.