Saturday, February 1, 2014

Snow On The Outer Banks!

 The Outer Banks has snow!
It doesn't happen very often here
and when it does, 
I think everybody stops and enjoys it.
We get excited listening to the weather hype,
hoping that this might be the time we get a snow.
Outer Bankers have a resentment of certain meteorologists
and networks because of the way they handle our hurricanes,
so we generally don't pay attention to them.
Just in case they might be right this time,
we all run to Food Lion or the Teeter 
to get toilet paper, bread, and, of course, alcohol.
 Nobody goes anywhere when it snows here.

I stay at home and cook.
 First, I made big pot of  
which took the chill off and gave us all happy stomachs.

 The next day, Mr. Hawthorne made clam chowder.

And I made snowcream - a rare treat
and something I do any time we get any accumulation.

Now, let's take a walk through my January "garden."

 At the end of the driveway are two snowmen.

 This is a drunken snowman
who passed out in his own vomit.
I believe this is the work of the same person
who "re-arranged" a neighbor's Christmas display one year.
They had a lighted deer family of four as front lawn decorations
and this particular "prankster" moved the buck
so that he was mounting the doe.
Under the mimosa.

 My herb garden.

 That's my bay tree on the right.
Rosemary on the left.

 Beau loves snow.

 Playing catch!

is a die-hard fisherman.
In shorts, no less.
Mr. Hawthorne is trying to shovel the snowmen out of the way.
We're venturing out today!

Beau came in to help.
Beau vs The Snowmen.

 After Mr. H. took a sharp left,
the snow slid down in front of me.
He was perfectly OK with this
and never once bothered with his windshield wipers.

 It's not often that the sound freezes over.

Unfortunately, there were cars behind us
and I couldn't stop to shoot the pictures.
I stopped again at the SS Emily.
This was the SS Emily a few days ago when it was in the 60s.

 Can you find the egret?

My Sweet Irene.

  Hope you enjoyed my snow pictures.
I know I did!


Marilyn said...

Glad you finally got some real snow.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Me too, Mar!