Saturday, February 22, 2014

Something Funny In The Water Here. And We're All Drinking It!

Dear Dare County Water Department

I am curious.
I was baking baguettes this afternoon and I like to create steam to help the initial rise in the oven.
So, I threw 2 cups of "filtered" ice cubes into my Calphalon pan which had been heating in the oven. After I baked my bread, this is the residue left in my pan:

I want to know what the little circles around the edges are and why they form like that. Higher temp? Zzzadig? Please splain. The ice was dumped in the middle, so it immediately left there and spread out in waves and evaporated gradually, hence the tree rings. At least that's how I unnerstan it.

I have made sea salt before. I sorta know what's in ocean water. 

But what is in my "filtered" water coming from my fridge and freezer?

Dare County Water Department, could you please tell me the chemicals involved here?

I'm moved to write a poem:

I see the Taliban...
in my baking pan.

Rosie Hawthorne 

Here's the bread:
It was terrific!


Woodduck said...

We are all, so gonna die from this life!
Why, there are people dying today that have never died before!
I'm doing a study...
So, please; call me collect when you hear back from the water dept.
Happy trails and puppy dog tails...

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Woodduck, I don't think I'll be hearing back from the water department. However, had I entitled this post, "Charter Sucks," I'd have the bigwigs out here ASAP!

Woodduck said...

I guess I'll mosey on down to get my 1 free(for a year they say) box. I was thinking of giving it up for Lent. Well, that didn't work out and Duke lost. Prob'ly my fault, now. I'm giving up Pepsi, now! Enjoy that bread!