Monday, March 16, 2009

Love My Feedjit. Photo Monkey Cleavage.

If you've kept up with my travels on this blog, you know I love my Feedjit. I use it, in real time, to track my on-site visitors. Here's a visitor on my blog tonight:
19:06:53 -- 44 minutes ago
18:59:45 -- 51 minutes ago
Someone in Chambersburg, PA. googled "photo monkey cleavage" and came upon Moi. Dang! I'm FREEKIN' #1 for "photo monkey cleavage." Go ahead. Google "photo monkey cleavage." See if I'm not #1 at the top of the list. I double dare ya. Now, dear readers; I ask you this: Who the heck googles "photo monkey cleavage" in THE FIRST PLACE????!!!! What are they looking for? i don't wanna think aboudit But I like the sound of it - Photo Monkey Cleavage. Heh. 12

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