Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ticky Visits!

Ticky is coming to visit today, so I'm trying to prepare foods I think she would like. I know she likes shrimp, and my shrimp spring rolls yesterday were so good, I decided to make them again.
Top left, are Mr. Hawthorne's carrots from his mini-mandoline. Bottom left, are my carrots, carefully and thoughtfully julienned by my own little hands. Mr. Hawthorne probably did his carrots in 10 seconds. Me? Probably 10 minutes.
But mine taste better.
Top right is cucumber. Bottom right is celery.
In the middle is shrimp. In the little bowl at top right is faux crab. Well, actually it has some king crab in it along with pollock. Top middle is bibb lettuce.
Bibb lettuce, with carrots, cucumbers, celery, shrimp, and faux crab. Roll up in the tapioca sheets. By the way, when you're softening the sheets in water, only do one sheet at a time, and watch it. It will disintegrate if you leave it in there too long. Just do one roll/sheet at a time.
And here are my llllllovely, llllllittle ssssspring rollllls. OK, I'm sooo trying not to be 12 here.
So lllllet's just move on to the horizontal view.
Shrimp spring rolls are done. Refrigerate. Next up, barbecue sauce.
I sauteed garlic and onions.
Added brown sugar.
Cider vinegar goes in.
Some of Mr. Hawthorne's sourwood honey.
Worcestershire sauce.
I had some tamarind barbecue sauce leftover from the coconut salmon and added that.
Dark corn syrup.
Mr. Hawthorne slathers the sauce over the baby back ribs.
And I cooked the barbecue sauce down until nice and thick.
Now, it's time for cole slaw.
I have cabbage, celery, carrot, and apple. And I really like the halo effect around the carrot and celery.
I sliced the cabbage, chopped the celery, grated the carrot, and sliced the apple.
Add in a couple glops of mayo, salt and pepper, then some sugar.
Add in some cider vinegar.
Then, I had the great idea of adding RAISINS. Everything is ready for Ticky's arrival. I'm getting excited. At 3 o'clock, Ticky called and said she'd be here in an hour. "Great," I said, "That gives me just enough time for my tablescape!" Heh Heh.
Ta DAAAAAHHHH!!!!!! And what a tablescape it is. Let's take a closer look, shall we?
Of course, a tablescape is not a tablescape without booze. Here, I have a precariously structured construction of miniature booze bottles. A darling party favor - the seed packet. Let's not forget the ambiance of candlelight. And, my precious place setting for Ticky, with a cheery "Happy Birthday!"
Moving on to Rosie's place setting, we have another scented candle, the booze pyramid, another seed packet, and the place card with a "Get Well Soon!" message. (Just in case any Sandyfood was used during dinner.)
Now, Mr. Hawthorne's place setting. Booze, scented candle, seeds, and a heart-felt "I Love You." WHOOT!
As for any true Sandyscape, there's plenty of extra booze available - in whatever form you might want - rubbing alcohol or aigstrax.
When I talked to Ticky last night, I asked her was there anything she didn't like. Yes, shellfish. What do you like? Velveeta and shrimp.
So, for my appetizers, I have a Velveeta, cream cheese, and bacon dip (which was the same I used to stuff my jalapeno poppers with). Ticky took one look and gushed, "Is that VELVEETA?" Yup, just for you, babe. On the right, is my tabboulleh.
Next, I had a taste test for Ticky. French Laundry veal stock. Ruhlman's veal stock. Can you tell the difference? They both look exactly the same. But, she picked veal stock B, on the right. I believe Ticky described it as "velvety." I think I said, a "subtle nuance" that made my tongue "shiver." Whatever, we both picked Ruhlman's. Next, more appetizers.
Here are my spring rolls. And assorted condiments.
And here's dinner: Mr. Hawthorne's corn and bacon, baby back ribs, cole slaw, and barbecue sauce.
This corn and bacon is quite a deliciosity. Try it. This time, I made him add cream. Even better, if possible.
Baby back ribs.
Sweet, tart cole slaw with raisins and apples. Darn, thinking back on it, I wish I had added some walnuts.
My plate. I'm like Ticky. I use a fork and knife to get the meat off the bone. I work for it, then am rewarded by a delicious, ready-to-eat treat. The dark spread at the bottom of the plate is my cooked down BBQ sauce. Bacon/corn on the left. Cole slaw at top. I enjoyed this meal thoroughly. Whilst Ticky went to "powder her nose," Mr. H. and I brought out the hidden birthday cake and lit the candles.
Happy belated birthday, Ticky!
Bitch has got some lungs on her. Three feet away and those candle flames were extinguished in a split second.
Ticky, thanks for visiting! Come back soon.


Kathy said...

Ticky always loves to visit Rosie because Ticky always leaves with a happy heart and a happy tummy. I love youse guys!

Marilyn said...

Whoot! It's a Ticky-scape! Happy belated birthday to Ticky!

Rosie Hawthorne said...

We loves youse, boomer!