Wednesday, September 17, 2008

View From Rosie's Deck.

The clouds were lovely tonight.
My moonflower vine. Wish I could've gotten a picture of the huge moth that fluttered by to pollinate. He was the size of a large hummingbird.
Purty clouds. Same pic pretty much as the first, except on this one, I set my camera to Scene mode for Dusk/Dawn. It intensified the colors. You may want to try that.


Marilyn said...


Anonymous said...

Very pretty pictures. I have a "Just ask Rosie" question. When you prebake your pizza shell, can you keep it after prebaking for a couple of hours before you add the toppings?

Rosie Hawthorne said...

NMOAC - Sure, you can keep your shells. Wrap and refrigerate or freeze. Pizza shells freeze very well. And Mr. H. and I have found out that after adding all the toppings you need to drizzle some good olive oil over top and on the outside crust.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Rosie. I'll give it a go.