Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Welcome To Rosie's March Garden.

Happy Spring, everyone.
 Join me for a walk through mon jardin.
 Yes. Rosie is multi-lingual,
 but I'm sure that's no surprise to you, mes amis.
My poppies are blooming.

Orange poppy in a bed of pink flowers that my friend,
Marilyn, of FoodiesUntie blogdom, identified for me.
She's amazing that way.
It's silene dioica,
aka catchfly or red campion.


Shamrocks. Columbine. Anemone. Blooms of cilantro.
 I'll wait for the immature coriander seeds
 and pick them to use in accenting my dishes.
The raw, green seeds of the cilantro plant
 are deliciously citrusy and cilantroey.
 They're quite a treat and I have
 a limited time span to use them the green ones.
 The cilantro all goes to seed
 and I eat the green ones and let the brown ones scatter about my garden.
 I have parsley and cilantro somewhere in my garden year round.
 And always lots of it. Oxalis or shamrock.
 I also have a white-flowered one, but it's not blooming yet.

Vinca aka periwinkle.

Bachelor Button aka cornflower.
I share the wealth with my bumble bees.
 He's feasting on my bachelor button
 and that's a purple larkspur (WEED) in the background.
 Larkspurs come in all different colors and I love them.

 Is it a regional thing?
 I always knew them as jonquils.
Another larkspur. My hyacinths smell divine.
 I wonder if this little shroom is edible.
 If you don't hear from me tomorrow, assume it wasn't.
 And I thank you all for reading my blog.
 It has been my pleasure lo these many years.


zzzadig said...


Marilyn said...


It is indeed a regional thing, Rosie.

Love your garden.

zzzadig said...

Look for this pretty guy near your Daffodils

Anonymous said...

Jonquils, narcissus, confusing. Pretty flowers, though. vera charles

Mr. P said...

Thanks for the tour through your garden. I enjoyed the flowers.