Friday, March 2, 2012

Mr. Hawthorne Stir Fries.

I love a good stir fry. And I haven't found one here on the Outer Banks.
Except at one place. A stir fry is one of the most versatile and quick meals one can make. You grab a meat from Column A. You grab some veggies from Column B. You cook. You add a sauce/thickener from Column C. You serve over a nice rice. You go back for seconds and thirds.
Our veggies: broccoli carrot celery onion When preparing your veggies, keep the sizes of your dices, slices, and cuts, the same. That way, your vegetables will cook evenly.
Don't forget the garlic.
I checked two tenderloins off my freezer inventory, vacuumed-packed, from '09. Slice into same-sized pieces. Season with freshly ground salt and pepper.
A swirl of peanut oil went into the hot wok on high. Time: 2:05. Add in garlic slices.
Time: 2:05. Add in broccoli, carrots, celery, and onion.
Time: 2:06. Wok is on high heat. Stir and fry. You should hear sizzling. If not, you aren't hot enough. Keep the vegetables moving all the time.
Time: 2:07. Drizzle a little water down the side of the hot wok. You want the steam to give a boost to the cooking.
Time: 2:07. Empty the vegetables into a bowl and cover.
Time: 2:08. The wok went back on high heat and the meat went in with a sprinkling of sugar. The sugar gives a nice sear to the meat.
Time: 2:08. Keep it moving!
Time: 2:09. Add the vegetables back in. Notice the meat is still pink.
Time: 2:09. Add in a sauce thickener. Down the hot sides of the wok. Never over the contents. I used 2 TB cornstarch, dissolved in about 1/2 cup beef stock, with some soy sauce added in. If you would like to make this a ginger beef dish, you could add fresh ginger to this. I always have frozen 1-inch ginger cubes on hand. If you nuke the frozen cube for about 15-20 seconds, you can squeeze it with thumb and forefinger and the juice will drizzle right out. Mince the pulp and add it in too. Perhaps a little mirin wouldn't hurt. If you want to give it some heat, now would be a good time to add in some dried cayenne flakes.
Time: 2:09. Keep stirring until sauce thickens.
Time: 2:10. Plate. And that's actually a brown rice, although it looks white, and it took 45 minutes to cook. Cook time on the stir fry started at 2:05. Our lunch was plated at 2:10.
Check it out. My steak is still rare. Excellent execution, Mr. Hawthorne. Like I said, I love a good stir fry.

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