Saturday, March 31, 2012

Welcome To Rosie's Garden.

  I love spring.

 My larkspurs are among the first blooms in my garden.

 They self seed, germinate in the fall.
and the plants overwinter even when there's snow.
And they're blooming earlier this year than ever before,
as is my stock.

I don't consider last season much of a winter.
Maybe two nights below freezing.

Blue anemone.

I love this lilac iris.

 I love this blue iris.

I love this yellow iris.

Poppies and larkspur.

 Money plant aka honesty plant.
Poppy in back.

 Poppies and larkspur.

I need to go back out and check that yellow bloom.

 I love my stock.
It smells delicious.
Like my larkspur, it re-seeds and volunteers
 relentlessly and voraciously.

This little pretty came up in the crack
 in the driveway in front of the garage door.

 Ice plant.

You can pinch any piece of this off
and stick it anywhere and it will root quickly.
It does very nicely tucked into rock gardens.

 Periwinkle aka vinca minor.

 Red anemone.

 Another anemone.

 Cilantro setting bloom.
I'm waiting for the raw green coriander seeds.
They're citrusy and cilantro-y
and terrific on seafood.

 More larkspur.
Larkspur comes in white, pinks, blues,
purples, and yellow.

 More anemone.
 My first rose of the season.
March 30, 2012.
Looks bad.
I need to check it for thrips and spray.
Petals on left look very funky.

I love this delicate color.

 And I love the bold, vibrant RED
of this anemone.

My gerbera daisies are blooming.
They're the bright spots under the tree.
Ice plant/delosperma - the pink in the foreground.
The green is mostly larkspur getting ready to bloom.
There's a broken terra cotta pot spewing fulgurite.

  Larkspur, poppies, and money plant.

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Marilyn said...

Absolutely beautiful!