Thursday, March 29, 2012

Welcome to Pauler's Heart Attack On A Plate.

Zippy came over the other night
 to partake of the bottle of Canadian Mist we keep for him.
That's the other voice in the background in the videos.

As usual, Food Network is the background noise.
Zippy, Mr. Hawthorne, and I
were duly horrified to see Pauler's creation.
Bacon-wrapped, battered, and deep-fried mac & cheese.

Now, I'm sorry to hear that Pauler has Type 2 Diabetes.
After the "shocking revelation" from Huffington Post,
I've learned that Ms. Deen has known about her condition
for three years, 
and has no intentions of changing her cooking habits,
until maybe 1213.

Gosh, who coulda seen this coming??!!!??

At least, Least-Loved son, Bobby Deen,
is getting a ride on Not My Mama's Cooking
buttered, battered, and fried coattails. 

It's also very nice that Ms. Deen got a hawkin ...,
I mean marketing ...
deal with the pharmaceutical company who produces
whatever drug she's taking for her diabetes.

Maybe I'll take up smoking, get hooked,
say, "Oops, my bad!"
then shill for Nicorette.

Sounds like a plan.

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Marilyn said...

It was interesting to listen to Anthony Bourdain, during his show "Good vs Evil," go on a ten minute rant against Pauler, her duplicity about the diabetes, and her cooking and her deal with the drug maker.